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Hard Gras 40 – De interviews (05-006)

10 years ago it started as an experiment. Write about football, but not like most magazines and papers do, but with a more timeless perspective. To do so, one needs to ask writers, not journalists. So they did. They managed to produce a volume every 3 months, for 10 years running. Hence this is number 40. As an exception theydecided to do some interviews. They asked some not obvious candidates to do the interviews. The editors interviewed Nick Hornby themselves. Hornby must have been an inspiration for them to start this series a decade ago, when Fever Pitch had just gotten international acclaim. In the interview he expresses his love for artists like Henry and Bergkamp. Both have more in common with the great artists of all times, then with the amateur football player who plays in a pub team every weekend.

The article by Kees ’t Hart about Verbeek visiting Israel is interesting as it gets, while Van Gaal is as controversial as he always has been. Inoncencia Aras, an old Spanish diplomat, is talking about the love of his life: Real Madrid. Jimmy Burns, famous for his books on Barcelona and Maradona knew him from their youth.

Hopefully going for 10 more years.

Nummer: 05-006
Titel: Hard Gras 40 – De interviews
Auteur: Jimmy Burns, Hugo Borst, Kees ’t Hart e.o.
Taal: Nederlands
Jaar: 2004
# Pagina’s: 120 (973)
Categorie: Sport (voetbal)
ISBN: 90-204-0669-8